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Spa's massage menu

  • Therapeutic massage

    It eliminates muscle pain, tendinitis and alleviates joint problems. Techniques of therapeutic cranial sacral massage releasing adhesions and contractures in a smooth and effective way are used.

  • Body massage

    Massage thoroughly over the entire surface of the body by eliminating tensions and contractures and unlocking tense areas. Actives body circulation, vitalizing while providing rest and relief.

  • Back

    Massage thoroughly of all back, from the sacrum to the nape of the neck, including arms, neck, face and head. Eliminate contractures, adhesions and tense areas.

  • Muscle-relaxing

    Massage that has an impact on the problematic area of the back. Only working the top part eliminating contractures and adhesions of shoulder blades and arms, neck, face and head.

  • Cervical

    Neck, head, face and arms massage to undo all the strains, deeply relaxing. Relaxes the expression and relieves tensions reflected across back.

  • Anti-stress massage

    Relaxing massage, to eliminate physical and mental tensions along back, arms, neck and head with a soft and rhythmic passing and relaxing essential oils.

  • Ayurveda herb bundles massage

    The herb bundles are small sacs with hot salts, medicinal herbs and essential oils that are used to heat and activate the circulation flow and body energy.

  • Head and face massage

    A special massage that combines soft passes, acupressure and facial reflexology, relaxing deeply, eliminating mental and physical tensions.

  • Anti-cellulite massage

    Specific massage of legs and hips, with a mixture of anti-cellulite oils.

  • Circulatory massage

    Draining massage with essential oils of Rosemary, Cypress and lemon that treats fluid retention, activating the circulation.

  • Massage for pregnant women

    Gentle massage, with almond oil, carried out in the most comfortable position for pregnant women. It improves circulation and reduces fluid retention.

  • Massage with chocolate cream

    Chocolate is a powerful weapon to preserve the beauty, slimming, detoxifying and firming properties.

  • Massage with oil of wine

    Ideal against aging.

  • Relaxing massage

    With this massage, muscles recover elasticity (with natural oils, wine oil or cream).

  • Thai massage

    It helps to obtain harmony with yourself.